Things a Removal Company May Not Move

Organising a house removal or an office removal can be tricky and downright stressful. After all, you have to remember to change your postal address, pack up all of your belongings and give the house you are leaving behind a quick clean all before you’ve even considered what the removal company will and will not take. Thankfully, the team here at Jacksons Removals are on hand to clear some things up as we’ve put together a list of some of the stuff a removal company may not move…


It may surprise you how many times a removal company is asked to take along the family pet with them in the back or front of the van however it simple isn’t possible. Not only is it dangerous for the animal in question, removal companies simply do not transport anything living. You must make other arrangements for you four legged friend.

Hazardous Materials

Although they may not appear hazardous, items like paint, batteries and fire extinguishers can pose a great deal of risk to movers. The general rule is that an item which cannot be disposed of in regular waste is likely to be refused removal from your removal company.


Anything that is important or has a great deal of value is almost always refused a removal because the removal company simply cannot be left responsible for such important items. This includes things like cash, birth certificates, important legal documents and expensive jewellery. Whilst not all removers stick to this idea, it is often better to keep valuables on person to ensure they make the move safely.

Now you know what type of items you may or may not get moved, it’s time to start planning your own removal! Knowing in advance what items you have to transport yourself can save you unnecessary stress on the day and the team here at Jacksons Removals aim to make your removal as stress free as possible. For more information, get in contact with the best removals in Liverpool today!

Top Tips for an Office Removal

It’s no secret that we spend a lot of time trying to avoid moving house at all costs due to the amount of stress it causes. After all, nobody wants to take time off work to spend the day carrying boxes in and out of multiple buildings. Despite this, we often forget that moving is not just limited to the home. In fact, there are around 5 office removals per day per city. In this blog, the team here at Jacksons Removals are going to give you a few top tips when it comes to that all important office move…

  • Labels are one of the most important ways that a client can give their removal service a helping hand. Not only does implementing a labelling system avoid confusion when it comes to designating which box goes where when the items reach the new office, it can also help people recognise which items are fragile.
  • Most offices, particularly large ones, will have some kind of paperwork system and file cabinets. Here at Jacksons Removals, we implore you to empty these cabinet before the removals begins to make the process more efficient and to ensure you have piece of mind. After all, the last thing we want is paperwork to fall out of cabinets and go missing.

If you’ve got an office removal coming up, remember to put some of these top tips to good use! They might just save you a whole afternoon of unnecessary stress. For more information on office removals, get in contact with the best removals in Wirral today and speak to a member of the Jacksons team!

How to Correctly Load a Removal Van

Removals are such a stressful time that some people will actively seek to avoid moving at all costs. From changing address to packing, moving opens up the doors to numerous worries we all thought we’d never see. Here at Jacksons Removals, our aims is to make your removal the smoothest transaction ever. We want to leave you bewildered at how little stress you actually face compared to what you expected. To help with lowering this stress even more, we’ve  put together a guide on how to correctly load a removal van…

  • Planning is a crucial part of a removal and the more organised you are, the easier your removal will go. If you plan your packing in accordance to your removal needs, you will be able to assess the size of vehicle you will need, how many trips you will need and the time it will take to complete your removal. With this information, a removal van can be loaded much easier.


  • Most removal companies are prepared when it comes to fragile items that can be broken and bringing along blankets or other softening items however if you are particularly worried, having your own supply of materials can be handy. In fact, some people choose to place bubble wrap around their items so that they can be loaded into the van much more efficiently.

Now you know how to help load a removal van, it’s time to contact the best removals in Liverpool! After all, choosing Jackson Removals means choosing a stress free move!

House Moving FAQ

Moving house, especially if it your first time packing up, can be a stressful  occurrence and the amount of questions that our brains manage to come up with makes the event no easier. Here at Jacksons Removals, our aim is to make your removal the smoothest transaction ever. In fact, we want you to be shocked at the amount of stress you didn’t encounter, which is why we’ve put this blog of FAQ together…

Why should Friday removals be avoided?

Many think that moving on a Friday gives you the weekend to organise your belongings after a move however sometimes this can backfire. Not only do some removal companies raise their prices on a Friday but the weekend means that any issues that many occur could have to wait until the next working day, which is a Monday. It is best to avoid these issues and pick a mid-week day for a removal.

How long should a removal take?

Each removal differs from home to home and depends on many factors. If you have a lot of items, you may require multiple trips to transport and unload your belongings which is likely to take a full working day, however those who only require one quick trip could see their removal finished before lunch. Despite this, no removal has a guaranteed time frame.

Is it a good idea to do a removal myself?

This depends on the size of the removal and the weight of the items you require moving. If you have a few small items that can be crammed into the back of a car or hire van, a removal can be easily done alone however it will be hard work. On the other hand, if you require wardrobes, bed frames and other bulky items moving, hiring a removal company is recommended.

Now you know the answer to some of the most frequently asked moving questions, it’s time to get in contact with the professionals and organise your removal! As the best removals in Wirral, you can sure that the Jacksons Removals team will look after you and your belongings!

Top Reasons Why Moving House is the Worst

Let’s face it, moving house is number one on a hypothetical list of the most stressful occasions we will ever face in our life. In fact, it can be such hard work that many of us will do anything to avoid the hassle that comes with packing up and relocating. From landlords raising the rent to troublesome youths, sometimes it takes a lot to get moving. Here at Jacksons Removals, we sympathise with our clients and understand how hard the ordeal can be. In this blog, we’re going to go over our top reasons why moving house is downright awful…

  • For some reason we forget how much junk we actually accumulate over the years and when it comes to packing for a house move, the sheer load of items can be quite daunting. You’ll find the children’s old drawings, clothes from a decade ago and perhaps even some spare change- however having the motivation to pack all your belongings can be quite a challenge.
  • The one thing we always forget to do is change our address in advance so that we don’t continue to mither the old landlord or new tenants for access to our mail, however trying to remember how many companies we have to call in order to organise this can be time consuming and exhausting.

The team here at Jacksons Removals hate seeing clients stressed which is why we try our best to make it the smoothest move they will ever accomplish! The way we see it is a stressed client is an unhappy client and at the end of your move, we want you to be overjoyed! Get in contact with the best removals in Wirral for the most stress free move ever!

The Terminology of a Moving Company

Moving can be stressful enough without having to constantly decode the language and terminology that is being used within the industry itself. The team here at Jacksons Removals are able to admit that sometimes we forget the terms we use may not be familiar to the clients we are helping to pack up and move. In this blog, we’re going to go over a handful of the terms we use so that you are able to keep up to date when it comes to your move…

Transportation Charges – These are the costs that a moving company charges for transporting your belongings in the back of the van or truck and makes up the main cost of your whole move.

Inventory – A written or typed list of all the belonging and goods that will be moved. It should include how many of each item and the condition of it so that any unintentional damages can be recorded and documented.

Shuttle Service – The use of much smaller vehicles which are able to provide removal services to areas which are not able to be accessed by the regular van or trucks.

Now you know some of the terms we use, it’s time to book in your own removal service. After all, as the best removals in Wirral, its only right that we help our clients stay up to date and ensure that they feel fully included in the process of their removal. Get in contact with a member of the team to find out more information today!

How to Make Moving Fun

Moving house or office is rarely recognised as a fun activity. In fact, many people consider moving house a one way ticket to stress valley with no end date in sight. Here at Jacksons Removals, we think that moving should never be a gruelling task and while it definitely won’t be as luxurious as a spa trip, there’s certainly a few ways to make it more exciting. Here are a couple..

  • Though it seems like a waste of time, make a playlist to pack and unpack your belongings to. By separating your upbeat tunes into a particular place, you will be able to ensure that your motivation levels remain high. In fact, psychologists suggest that our brains respond better when we have designated music for a task. For example, people with a gym playlist are known to have a better workout than those who just listen the radio.


  • You don’t have to use large boxes all the time! Not only do they take ages to unpack, they tend to be heavy and harder to move around. Smaller boxes are your friends and will make packing much easier to negotiate. Plus, every time you unpack one it will feel like you’ve scored yourself a little win in the whole process of unpacking and, psychologically, we feel like we are getting somewhere rather than constantly looking into the bottomless pit of a large box that never seems to empty!

The team here at Jacksons Removals have one goal in mind – make your moving a stress-free occasion! Now you know how to make the whole experience fun, get in contact with the best removals Liverpool has to offer today!

The Lowdown on Pallet Wrap

Here at Jackson’s Removals, we work tirelessly to ensure that your items and belongings reach their destination in the same condition that we picked them up in. After all, you are hiring a removal company to take care of your things, not break them. Our team employ a range of different techniques in order to ensure the safety of your stuff and in this blog, we’re going to go over one in particular called pallet wrap…

Pallet wrap comes in handy when clients are concerned about the safety of items in a van that are going to be moved and offers an extra layer of protection in order to ensure that they will reach the final location intact. Although many people confuse it with shrink wrap, there is a very distinct difference between the two materials. Pallet wrap is a type of plastic film that has a stretching ability and is used either by hand or via a machine to ‘wrap’ items up.

It is commonly seen being used to wrap up multipack cans of fizzy pop, however the team here at Jacksons Removals use it in order to cling together items that we deem too sensitive to movement as we want our clients to feel like their belongings are in safe hands.

From placing blankets over large heavy duty items such as wardrobes to treating fragile items like the most important thing in the world, we do everything we can to ensure that breakables like TV’s, ornaments and kitchen equipment are as safe as possible. Get in contact with the best removals in Wirral today to find out more information!

Challenging Items to Shift During a House Move

Here at Jacksons Removals, our aim is to make the removal process as stress free and incident free as possible for you. After all, that is the reason people hire a removal company! Despite this however, sometimes we tend to face some challenging items from time to time. In this blog we’re going to go over a few of the items that may cause an issue…

  • TV’s are always a difficult thing to move as they have developed a lot over the past few years. Removal company’s no longer deal with cube shaped televisions as flat screens which come in a whole range of different shapes and sizes are now all the range. Due to this, companies handle all TV’s with extra care to ensure that they are easily and safely transported.


  • A piano is a very heavy instrument and although some are easier to move than other, they can be very troublesome. Due to the sheer size and weight of some pianos, some removal companies may not even accommodate a piano removal- however it is best to look around.


  • If you have fish, you aren’t the only one who is moving house and when it comes to transporting fish, aquariums can be a nightmare! Not only are the tanks made completely from glass, fish don’t tend to handle the movement very well. Always ask an expert for tips when it comes to transporting fish and fish aquariums.

If you’re looking for the best removals in Wirral, get in contact with the team here at Jacksons Removals! Although some items can be challenging, we always treat them with the same, if not more, care to ensure that they make it safely into your new home!

What’s On In Liverpool

Here at Jacksons Removals, we are based in many different locations, including Liverpool, and it’s only right that we stay up to date on what is happening in one of our main areas. That’s why the team have put together a blog dedicated to what is going on in Liverpool…

International Mersey River Festival, June

This three day June activity celebrates the wondrous historical waterfront of Liverpool in style. From family fun to music and a whole other range of entertainment, there really is no other way to party along the iconic River Mersey. The festival will even include narrow boats, polo tournaments and jet skiing demonstrations.

Southport Air Show, September

Known as the number one family day out in the North West, it is said that you are guaranteed to fall in love with the aviation world no matter your age after visiting the Southport Air Show. From witnessing an aircraft land on the beach to the fast jets causing you to cover your ears, there certainly isn’t a dull moment to be found here!

War Horse, December

Most people have seen or heard of the famous WW1 movie drama about a young lad and a horse whose everlasting love for one another triumphs above all else however before it was a motion picture, War Horse was originally a novel adapted into a play and this November, the spectacle is coming to life in Liverpool! Powerfully moving, this spectacular theatrical event is definitely one to see!

With all the fun happening, it seems like Liverpool is the place to be! If you’re looking for a removal company in this lively city, get in contact with the team here at Jacksons Removals. As the best removals in Liverpool, we treat every customer like royalty!