Moving to A New House Checklist

Moving into a new home is always a stressful time, therefore you need to ensure that everything is in order before moving in. Making a moving in checklist will help you keep up to date with what you have completed and what else needs doing. Depending on what stage you are at with moving home, there are different things to consider and ensure they are done, so you are fully covered and sorted when it gets to moving day.

2 Months Before Moving Day

When finally sorting out the contracts, you need to focus on the legal side to ensure the transition is smooth throughout your moving period. Therefore, you need to arrange your mortgage, research your area for local news and facilities. If you are moving a distance with children, transfer your child’s records to a new school and sort out their uniform.

1 Month Before Moving Day

1 Month before moving day can be a stressful period with tension running high making sure everything is fully completed. Speak to a solicitor and ensure there is a finalised day to move in, afterwards confirm a removal company ensuring they are fully quoted with what the day will entail. Organise to have your new house cleaned, between the old owners moving out and you moving in. Packing non-essential items is important, the more you can get done sooner the amount of work you have left to do will dramatically decrease.

1 Day before you Move

When in the last of 24 hours of your old address you need to be thorough, therefore checking all around the house to ensure nothing has been left is important. Packing an overnight bag if you are going a long distance- therefore packing towels, toothbrushes and pyjamas. Make sure your phone is fully charged so you have communication with the removal team, and anyone else you want to contact.

There are many different checks to consider when moving into your new home. Here at Jacksons Removals Wirral, we are a reliable service and are able to guide and instruct you to ensure that your day of moving is as stress-free as possible.

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