How to Correctly Load a Removal Van

Removals are such a stressful time that some people will actively seek to avoid moving at all costs. From changing address to packing, moving opens up the doors to numerous worries we all thought we’d never see. Here at Jacksons Removals, our aims is to make your removal the smoothest transaction ever. We want to leave you bewildered at how little stress you actually face compared to what you expected. To help with lowering this stress even more, we’ve  put together a guide on how to correctly load a removal van…

  • Planning is a crucial part of a removal and the more organised you are, the easier your removal will go. If you plan your packing in accordance to your removal needs, you will be able to assess the size of vehicle you will need, how many trips you will need and the time it will take to complete your removal. With this information, a removal van can be loaded much easier.


  • Most removal companies are prepared when it comes to fragile items that can be broken and bringing along blankets or other softening items however if you are particularly worried, having your own supply of materials can be handy. In fact, some people choose to place bubble wrap around their items so that they can be loaded into the van much more efficiently.

Now you know how to help load a removal van, it’s time to contact the best removals in Liverpool! After all, choosing Jackson Removals means choosing a stress free move!

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