The Lowdown on Pallet Wrap

Here at Jackson’s Removals, we work tirelessly to ensure that your items and belongings reach their destination in the same condition that we picked them up in. After all, you are hiring a removal company to take care of your things, not break them. Our team employ a range of different techniques in order to ensure the safety of your stuff and in this blog, we’re going to go over one in particular called pallet wrap…

Pallet wrap comes in handy when clients are concerned about the safety of items in a van that are going to be moved and offers an extra layer of protection in order to ensure that they will reach the final location intact. Although many people confuse it with shrink wrap, there is a very distinct difference between the two materials. Pallet wrap is a type of plastic film that has a stretching ability and is used either by hand or via a machine to ‘wrap’ items up.

It is commonly seen being used to wrap up multipack cans of fizzy pop, however the team here at Jacksons Removals use it in order to cling together items that we deem too sensitive to movement as we want our clients to feel like their belongings are in safe hands.

From placing blankets over large heavy duty items such as wardrobes to treating fragile items like the most important thing in the world, we do everything we can to ensure that breakables like TV’s, ornaments and kitchen equipment are as safe as possible. Get in contact with the best removals in Wirral today to find out more information!

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