Stress Free House Removal With Pets

First things first, a removal company does not remove your pets along with your household furniture; that has to be done by the owner. Despite this, it doesn’t mean that pets cannot make a house move a very stressful occasion and moving can be tedious enough! Here at Jacksons Removals, we’ve got experience in a whole range of different removal situation and it this blog we’re going to tell you a few tips when it comes to making your house move more relaxed for yourself and for your animal when you have pets…

Start Early

If you start to pack up your house at last minute, all the chaos will send your four-legged friend into shock and they may become ill due to stress. As pet owners, we have to create a stress-free environment for our animals and packing in advance will not only make your move easier but it will also prepare them for the change.

Create a Pets Box

It’s impossible to prevent your once perfectly organised boxes from becoming cluttered on the first day in your new home, however keeping all of your pets essentials in one box will make adjusting much easier. After all, the last thing you want to do is search through multiple boxes just to find your pets food.

Find a Pet Sitter

Like with small children, it is best to consult family or friends to take care of your pets on the day of the move. Not only will pets make it difficult for a removal company to move your belongings, the noise and chaos on the day will be very unsettling for them. Welcome them into the new home once everything is peaceful.

Preparing your furry friends for a house move is just as important as preparing yourself. After all, it is a big chance and they likely won’t understand what is going on. For more tips on tricks, get in contact with the best removals Liverpool has to offer today!

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