DIY Move vs Hiring Movers

Not only is moving house time consuming, stressful and difficult, it is also a costly affair. For example, you will have to pay a deposit upfront for your new rental or mortgage whilst still affording your current home, you have to shell out for a removal van, you have to purchase some rather durable boxes to move your items in and it is likely you will end up taking the day off work to complete the task. With all this said, it’s understandable why some people decide to skip the professionals and complete a move themselves. Here at Jacksons Removals, we’re going to tell you a few things to consider before you begin your move…


A removals time length is very dependent on certain circumstances and no figure can ever be guaranteed. If you are looking for a speedy removal, the professionals are the best option. They know what they are doing, how to pack and how to move things efficiently. If you have a lot of time to spare, you could try to complete the removal yourself however this will be tedious because you won’t have the previous knowledge the movers do.


Some items cannot be transported inside a car, such as bedframes, mattresses and wardrobes which means that you will end up having to hire a van to complete your removal, making the movers the best choice. On the other hand, if you don’t own many bulky items, a removal can be completed in small stages by packing up your car multiple times.

Now you know some of the pros and cons of both situations it’s time to start organising your home move. Even if you decide to opt for the DIY route, it’s always wise to get some quotes from removal companies so get in contact with the best removals in Wirral to find out more information today!

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