Packing Tips For Moving To A New House

Moving to a new house is always a pain, and a day of hectically packing boxes into a van only to unpack them again is nobody’s idea of a relaxing time off work. You want to make sure you are as efficient as possible so that the day you decide to move goes smoothly and without stress. We have a few tips on packing, to keep the stress as minimal as possible and to ensure the day goes a lot quicker for you!

First, try to keep things in drawers as much as possible. Clothes and other similar fabric items should be kept in drawers as much as possible to save time and space. It doesn’t make any sense unpacking clothes out of drawers to put them back in once you get to your new home. However, any jewellery or fragile items should be taken out of drawers and packed up properly so that they are kept safe and not damaged.

You need to de-clutter your house as much as possible, such as the pan set you haven’t used for four years, there is a reason you haven’t used them in years and most likely won’t again- therefore bin it. The kitchen is the most time consuming to pack and unpack; therefore, you need to be sensible with what you take to your new home. Old tins, utensils and crockery should be thrown, to keep more room in the van for other products.

If you have children, a major declutter of their room is needed before even starting to pack. Children in particular have a tendency to hoard unimportant toys and games as they don’t want to throw them away. Have a massive clean out through their room, anything not used in a while or old take to the charity shop, as they will be muchly appreciated there.

TOP TIP: do this process without your child being around to prevent tears and tantrums!

A flat-packed box is a perfect way to protect your painting, sellotaping the ends they will prevent any damage. If they are extra important consider using extra cushioning around the sleeve.

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